Showcasing new work from Waterford based visual artist Keith Flynn.

Most of the Fine Art special edition images will be available to purchase early next year in 16″/24″ giclee prints mounted and framed.



20 comments on “Home

  1. Absolutely stunning pics, love everyone of them, your work is just brilliant, look forward to seeing your shots all the time, ive never been disappointed yet, best of luck for the future you sure deserve a lot of credit for all your work :)

  2. Keiths work has inspired me in the depts of my artist block…:-) It’s his view of the world through that view finder that separates him between the commerical and fashion photographers that spit out shots that are so predictive it hurts your eyes to even look at…:-} Choose these shots if you want something original innovative and fresh off the quirky shelf..:-) Thank you Keith for sharing your talent..:-)

  3. ok who’s the ethereal looking broad in the photo? haha!! Love the black ‘n white shots Keith, well done.

  4. Keith, it’s fantastic , you must be so proud of yourself! I’m wondering what the woman is thinking, if she is going to walk towards the tunnel and if so what’s at the other end!! It’s familiar to me! Can’t wait for the exhibition!!!

  5. Good work, high quality giclee prints will hold their value looking forward to getting a special edition print :-)

  6. The show will be a success! the images will sell, your passion will make sure of that. Best of luck!

  7. Brilliant work keith your a class talent man, i have your work on my walls as it is, onwards & upwards best of luck bud!

  8. Well Keith, You’ve got some smashing shots here. In particular I like the one of the new bridge, a punchy vibrant treatment. The shot of the phone box in Newtown looks like the place where you ring up the devil’s doorman to see if the apocalypse is still running to schedule. Also the composite shot of the plaza, I’d like to see a bigger version of that sometime.

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